The method for ceramic tile rack design and layout

Tile display stands used to hold ceramic tiles. In order to adapt to the development of the situation, the competitiveness of the ceramic tile itself is improved. The redesign and layout of exhibition halls and exhibition halls are repeated at regular intervals. Make the whole hall more fit the characteristics of the tiles. Also keep customers fresh.
The purchase of a tile rack is to make full use of the space in the tile showroom. Tile tiles are arranged in a patchwork pattern. Allow customers to be familiar with the exhibition products. Then through a special exhibition hall decoration to stimulate the customer’s inner desire to buy.

The layout methods of the display racks include vertical crossing, diagonal crossing, radiation type, free-flowing type or direct type arrangement methods. Regardless of the layout method, you should reserve a little space. It is convenient for flexible use in the future to adjust the layout and layout of the racks. Because at certain intervals, the exhibition hall and display rack must be adjusted. Especially important for small sellers. Because only boutiques have professional designers to design showrooms.
The distance between the display rack and the display rack should be kept clear. There is no flow of people in small exhibition halls. But if the stone building materials market or do promotional activities.According to the flow of people, the flow of people to arrange and adjust the distance.
The design of the shelf should ensure that the merchandise is displayed on the shelf with proper area and space, so that the merchandise can be effectively arranged in a horizontal arrangement to show the different varieties, and the vertical arrangement shows the different specifications and grades of the same variety. Appropriate space is not only for the vertical arrangement of goods, but also for the sales staff to facilitate the shelves, delivery and cleaning.
Ceramic display rack design should ensure that the exhibition hall has enough space and floor area. Make full use of the three-dimensional dimensions of plane space and vertical space. Design a unique exhibition hall and display stand. More convenient for customers to watch. Reduce the difficulty of placing sales of tile samples for business sales.