What are the types of slot machines?

What are the types of slot machines?

What are the types of slot machines?

Slot machines are also the same as anything else. It can be grouped into different types of slots. These will be categorized based on the number of every different factor. You can have these factors in the usual ways in dividing the slots into groups.

The denominations

It is the fastest way to classify slot machines by comparing their denominations. There are other games that are accepting pennies and some are accepting dollars. And there are also games that let you choose which denominations you want to use to start the game. Mostly they use nickels, pennies, dollars, quarters, and high limits.

The number of reels

When you see spinning symbols in front of the machine these are reels. It has big hoops that are made from metal which is located inside of the machine but now it is only for the show. Because in the online slot games such as jili these are now video screens.

An old-school slot machine has three reels and because of technology, it is now five reels. The added reels can make you win huge prizes in the game. As you have more reels the more chance you will win in the game.

The 3 reel slots

A traditional slot machine starts with three-reel slots. It is sometimes called the classic slot. Some of the players want to play other reel slots rather than the 3 reel slots. But there are still players that play this game because it is still good to play with.

The 5 reel slots

It is the most admired game in every online video slot game. Most players are more interested in themes, mini-games, and bonuses as of now.

The 6 reel slots

For a very long time slot machines were made of two simple formats. It is the 3 reel slots that you basically see and play but it is still known today. But the developers made a substitute format to challenge the players. There are the 6 reel slots it makes possible for the developers and players.

The 7 reel slots

There are other players that believe that less is more. Some are way better. That is why they made the 7 reel slots. It can be a little exciting for those players that are playing the 3 and 5 reel slots.

The game type

Slots have been changed through the years. From its classic games with 3 reels to high-end games that have 3D video and amazing soundtracks. The machine will also depend on the place you are playing with.

Type of slots

Classic slots

It is a timeless slot design that makes you want to miss playing in the land-based casino. The sound of the reels and when you win the game. You can add the quiet background and imagine that you are in a land-based casino playing it.

Progressive slots

It is all about the big prizes that you want to win. These progressive slots are a growing number of players because of their huge prizes. You are still playing it despite it being hard to win because of the huge prize.

Video slots

It is the combination of the classic slot machine together with the latest game design. You will encounter different kinds of themes in the game. And you will definitely enjoy the sound and graphics of these video slots.

3D slots

When you want a slot that has a storyline use the 3D slots. You will enjoy playing at different levels, challenges, and combining the pieces together. It is a combination of classic and modern video games.